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Grow Room Design
When establishing a medical marijuana indoor grow room, it is important to consider its design. Certain factors encourage a plentiful and healthy harvest. At Grow Room Builders, we help clients build a space from scratch, which saves them the headaches associated with setup and implementation.


One of the most essential factors for a grow room is its lighting. It must be placed as close as possible to the plants without making them burn. Professionals help clients select the best options.

There are a variety of lighting options for a grow room. For instance, High Intensity Discharge lights are often used in greenhouses. Compact Fluorescent lights are popular as well. They provide excellent efficiency and versatility. Small CFL bulbs are used over seedlings and clones. Large CFL bulbs work well during flowering cycles. LED lights are the most efficient lighting sources and can be used at all points from seed to harvest.


Ventilation is key to any grow room, especially when housing a high number of plants. All plants breathe through their leaves. Without proper ventilation the leaves' pores may become blocked, and the plants will die. Good ventilation lets all plants release toxins into the environment that can escape.

It is advised to install an exit vent in the warmest part of the room. To aid airflow, a fan may be used as well. This stimulates plants and encourages growth of sturdier stalks.

Air Conditioning

California's weather can get warm and humid. This is why a grow room must have some form of air conditioning. Plants will wither in an overly hot and sticky environment. An A/C unit will keep the environment cool and conducive for thriving plants.


Plants need adequate water to survive. A good grow room will have a plumbing system that helps nourish plants. It is not always feasible to water plants by hand, so it is essential to have proper piping in place that can connect to hoses or sprinkler systems. These can be timed so that little water is wasted.

Seek Professional Guidance

At Grow Room Maters, we specialize in designing a space that fits individual needs. We can help with all the compliance requirements, testing, and licensing questions. Our experience allows us to recommend the top equipment and growing systems so that clients always enjoy bountiful harvests. We can keep your room running at maximum efficiency and capacity as well. For a consultation, call the experts at (310)-438-6793 .