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To build an indoor grow room, you will need to create just the right environment for plants to thrive in. This involves controlling the air quality, temperature and light.

Framing out a space inside a larger room is a good idea. This works well in a room that has a lot of floor space to work with. You need to have the right amount of space for the number of plants you want to grow. The space should be completely enclosed, including the ceiling.

There are several things you will need access to in the room that may need to be added to it or built into it. You will need enough electricity to run lights, fans or air conditioning. If you are using hydroponics, you will need electricity to control the pumps and mists that give the plants nutrient solution steadily. You also may need to heat the space in colder weather.

Insulation for the walls is another necessity. Plants need a steady temperature to grow well. Insulation keeps heat from escaping. It makes it easier to hold a consistent temperature in the room using air conditioning or heat if the grow room has proper insulation.

Access to water is also important in a grow room. There should be a faucet or other water access in the room for watering the plants. There should also be a drain available for used water or old nutrient solution to be discarded.

It is also important to have proper ventilation. This will keep the air quality right for plant growth. This can be achieved with a system of ducts. Fans can keep the air flowing in and out of the room properly. Air filters may also be necessary to clean outgoing air. This will make the air healthier for the people working in the room also. It will also prevent odors from building up in or outside the grow room.

Lighting is another consideration in a grow room. Light fixtures installed above the plants will keep the light source steady. Reflective materials around the plants will help more light reach the leaves of the plant. The light will need to be the right wattage, and this depends on the size of the space you are using. Improper lighting will make the plants not grow optimally.

Having professionals build a grow room from scratch will ensure it is the right environment for your plants.

The Ingredients Needed For A Great Grow Room
If you're looking to create a grow room for cannabis, you no doubt know that cultivating the best strains requires work and quality equipment. Because your end goal is to produce a high quality product, you can't simply stick a plant in a pot and let nature take its course. Instead, create a setup with the right equipment and use proper growing strategies to ensure that your plants produce the intended result.

When building a cannabis grow room, there are a few important equipment pieces you'll need. These include:

  • Light: Since you're growing indoors, your plants need exposure to beneficial light to aid in their growth. This is generally the priciest part of the setup. A High Pressure Sodium light should be obtained. The light should be 600-watt. Another option is an LED grow light, which can be more costly but doesn't require frequent replacement and can prevent the raised temperature of the HPS lights.
  • Temperature Control: Your cannabis plants can not thrive unless they are kept in temperatures ranging between 64 and 86 degrees. HPS lights, especially in small spaces, can quickly send temperatures well above that range. A larger, well ventilated space with a temperature control device like an air conditioner that turns on in response to the varying temperatures in the room is a great solution for this issue. Some growers also choose to use fans and humidifiers to ensure that the climate of the room is appropriate for plant growth.
  • Co2: An essential part of growing any plant, your cannabis needs carbon dioxide to complete its natural growth cycle. A Co2 tank that has a regulatory device is a great addition to your grow room, providing a consistent source of the important compound. 
  • pH Supplies: The pH of your plant's soil, which is a qualitative measure of the soil's basic or acidic qualities, should be about 6.5. In order to test this, pH testing strips can be inserted into the soil and observed, If the soil is too basic or acidic, a dosing system can be purchased and used to monitor and correct the issue, leading to higher quality plants.

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