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Common Marijuana Leaf Diseases and Deficiencies
One of the biggest challenges that growing marijuana poses is the risk of one's plants acquiring certain devastating diseases and deficiencies. Forms of cannabis maladies can include contamination of the leaves with bacteria, fungi, pests, and vitamin deficiencies. It is crucial for the grower to quickly identify the exact cause of unhealthy plants and focus on treating it immediately to reduce the risk of the plants dying.

Spider mites, a tiny species of the Arachnid family, are an extremely common type of marijuana pest. However, their high prevalence in grow rooms and greenhouses does not mean they shouldn't be taken seriously. In fact, spider mites can be nearly impossible to exterminate if they are not identified very early on. This is due to the fact that spider mites can infest an entire population of plants rapidly, but are difficult to spot because of their diminutive size. 

Mold, also commonly known as “bud rot”, is another common affliction among marijuana plants. One type of fungus that is known to very commonly affect cannabis is powdery mildew. Powdery mildew seems to favor budding marijuana plants, but can also be found on the leaves alone. Spores of this type of fungus generally are found in the air near affected plants, so those growing marijuana plants indoors need to ensure that they have a reliable ventilation system in order to avoid powdery mildew.

Likely one of the most easily treatable causes of unhealthy marijuana plants is vitamin and mineral deficiency. Many cases of unattractive leaf spotting, yellowing of the cannabis leaves, or sagging of the entire marijuana plant can be corrected simply by adding a broad-spectrum mineral and vitamin supplement to the soil or water. However, occasionally these sickly plants are lacking in one particular vitamin. Therefore, they will need a supplement to meet that specific deficiency. Very common specific nutrient deficiencies in marijuana plants include boron, calcium, iron, nitrogen, and copper.

If one thing is for certain, thorough research on the vast array of potential marijuana leaf diseases and their treatments can lead to the cultivation of strong, flourishing, and beautiful cannabis plants.
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