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Hydroponics Growing System
Hydroponics is a process of growing plants with nutrients in water. There is no soil used. There are several types of hydroponics growing systems.

The Ebb and Flow System works by flooding the plant roots with liquid nutrients and letting them drain back out of the tray. This is done several times a day.

The Top Drip System is the most popular type of hydroponic process. This involves a steady drip of nutrients onto the plants. The solution can be drained into a container and reused, or it can be discarded.

The Wick System is very simple. Wicks deliver nutrients into the tray to be available for plant roots. This system uses no motorized processes.

A Water Culture System is one that has the plants on a floating platform in nutrient solution with the roots exposed to the liquid. An air pump releases oxygen into the water.

The Nutrient Film Technique is one that has a continuous flow of liquid nutrients over the plant roots. The tray is slightly tilted to let the solution run across the roots.

An Aeroponic System is one that has the plants suspended in the air. The roots of the plants are misted at regular intervals with the nutrient soil.